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Slate Grey Flagstone

Slate Grey Paving Stones

Zara Slate Grey paving stone is the most popular among Indian Sandstone in Canada due to its blend of dark grey tones. This Dark Grey Indian Sandstone is an extremely hard sandstone, thus durable and beautiful to watch. It has a solid modern feel and looks simply stunning laid around a pool. The colors of this dark gray natural stone paver is very consistent that gives a cool even contemporary look. Zara Slate Grey Sandstone is very versatile, tough and robust in nature and so can be used for flooring both indoor and outdoor area, on terrace or outside area of the house like gardening area, pathways or pool side. When used indoors, it makes the room look elegant and gives timeless style. Zara Slate Grey natural Indian sandstone paving became popular due to its durability, strength, beauty and is ideal for use on patios, front porch, sidewalks, paths and driveways.

Stone Type:     Sandstone

Finish:              Natural Top Surface
                          Calibrated Bottom Surface

Format:            300 x 600
                          450 x 600
600 x 600
                          900 x 600

Thickness:      22mm, 25mm & 30mm

Edges:             Machine Cut or Hand Cut

Uses:               Interior / Exterior Flooring


Tolerance:       +/-2mm

A fifty seven piece patio kit with four to fives sizes for random laying pattern is available upon request. Thickness of this paving stone also available in 30mm / 1.25", 25mm / 1" and less. Slate grey pavers, slate grey patio pavers, slate grey patio stones, slate grey paving slabs, slate grey slabs, slate grey flagstones, slate grey tiles, slate grey flooring tiles, slate grey extior stones, slate grey exterior flooring, slate grey interior flooring, dark grey pavers, dark grey patio pavers, dark grey patio stones, dark grey paving slabs, dark grey slabs, dark grey flagstones, dark grey tiles, dark grey flooring tiles, dark grey extior stones, dark grey exterior flooring, dark grey interior flooring.

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