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Paradiso Paving Stones

Paradiso Paving Stones

Zara Paradiso paving stone..





Stone Type:     Granite

Finish:              Natural Top Surface
                          Calibrated Bottom Surface

Format:            300 x 600
                          450 x 600
                          600 x 600
                          900 x 600

Thickness:      22mm, 25mm & 30mm

Edges:             Machine Cut or Hand Cut

Uses:               Interior / Exterior Flooring


Tolerance:       +/-2mm

A fifty seven piece patio kit with four to fives sizes for random laying pattern is available upon request. Thickness of this paving stone also available in 30mm / 1.25", 25mm / 1" and less. Paradiso pavers, paradiso patio pavers, paradiso patio stones, paradiso paving slabs, paradiso slabs, paradiso flagstones, paradiso tiles, paradiso flooring tiles, paradiso extior stones, paradiso exterior flooring, paradiso interior flooring, spring pavers, spring patio pavers, spring patio stones, spring paving slabs, spring slabs, spring flagstones, spring tiles, spring flooring tiles, spring extior stones, spring exterior flooring, spring interior flooring.

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