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Almond Travertine Veneers

Zara Almond VeneersZara Almond split face travertine veneer is an innovative approach to natural stone wall cladding.

All stone pieces are split on the face, sawn on the back and glued together to form a 6" x 12" wall panel. This panel consists of 6 pieces of 2" x 6" natural stone squares and resemble a z-shape, allowing for easy application to suitable substrates with outstanding authentic results.

A great product to use for creating feature walls, retaining walls, pool walls, spa walls, outdoor kitchens and fireplace surrounds.



Stone Type:     Travertine

Finish:              Natural Top Surface
                          Calibrated Bottom Surface

Format:            6" x 12" Panels

Thickness:      1/2" - 1¾''

Edges:             Machine Cut or Hand Cut

Uses:               Interior / Exterior Walls

Weight:            6 lbs/sqft

Tolerance:       +/- 1/8''

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