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Premium Quality Natural Stones

Zara Natural Stones Inc., is one of the leading suppliers of natural stones for landscaping industry. 

With an impressive range which covers Sandstone, Limestone, Granite and Ivory, Zara Natural Stones has something for all your landscaping requirements. The range also includes specialised paving stones, wall copings, pools, pier caps, curbs, steps, step fillers, cobbles, fireplace veneers, interlocking and masonry. Available in A Brown, Algonquin Brown, Amber, Ash Grey, Autumn Brown, B Brown, B Grey, Beige, Black Limestone, Bronze, Bronte, Buff, Brown, Brown Wave, Butterfly, Carbon, Charcoal, Cream, Dark Brown, Dark Gray, Dark Grey, Dove, Ebony, Fine Gray, Fine Grey, Flint, Fossil, Green, Gray, Grey, Imperial Black, Ivory, Jet Black, Kota Black, Kota Blue, Kota Brown, Lavender, Light Brown, Light Grey, Light Green, Mahogany, Mint, Modak, Oak, Paradiso, Rainbow, Raveena, Saga, Salt & Pepper, Silver Grey, Silver Gray, Silver Valley, Slate Gray, Slate Grey, Spring, Sunset Gold, Teakwood, Yellow Limestone, White Star.

Zara brand products: A Brown Cobbles, Algonquin Brown Cobbles, Amber Cobbles, Ash Grey Cobbles, Autumn Brown Cobbles, B Brown Cobbles, B Grey Cobbles, Beige Cobbles, Black Limestone Cobbles, Bronze Cobbles, Bronte Cobbles, Buff Cobbles, Brown Cobbles, Brown Wave Cobbles, Butterfly Cobbles, Carbon Cobbles, Charcoal Cobbles, Cream Cobbles, Dark Brown Cobbles, Dark Gray Cobbles, Dark Grey Cobbles, Dove Cobbles, Ebony Cobbles, Fine Gray Cobbles, Fine Grey Cobbles, Flint Cobbles, Fossil Cobbles, Green Cobbles, Gray Cobbles, Grey Cobbles, Imperial Black Cobbles, Ivory Cobbles, Jet Black Cobbles, Kota Black Cobbles, Kota Blue Cobbles, Kota Brown Cobbles, Lavender Cobbles, Light Brown Cobbles, Light Grey Cobbles, Light Green Cobbles, Mahogany Cobbles, Mint Cobbles, Modak Cobbles, Oak Cobbles, Paradiso Cobbles, Rainbow Cobbles, Raveena Cobbles, Saga Cobbles, Salt & Pepper Cobbles, Silver Grey Cobbles, Silver Gray Cobbles, Silver Valley Cobbles, Slate Gray Cobbles, Slate Grey Cobbles, Spring Cobbles, Sunset Gold Cobbles, Teakwood Cobbles, Yellow Limestone Cobbles, White Star Cobbles, A Brown Pool Coping, Algonquin Brown Pool Coping, Amber Pool Coping, Ash Grey Pool Coping, Autumn Brown Pool Coping, B Brown Pool Coping, B Grey Pool Coping, Beige Pool Coping, Black Limestone Pool Coping, Bronze Pool Coping, Bronte Pool Coping, Buff Pool Coping, Brown Pool Coping, Brown Wave Pool Coping, Butterfly Pool Coping, Carbon Pool Coping, Charcoal Pool Coping, Cream Pool Coping, Dark Brown Pool Coping, Dark Gray Pool Coping, Dark Grey Pool Coping, Dove Pool Coping, Ebony Pool Coping, Fine Gray Pool Coping, Fine Grey Pool Coping, Flint Pool Coping, Fossil Pool Coping, Green Pool Coping, Gray Pool Coping, Grey Pool Coping, Imperial Black Pool Coping, Ivory Pool Coping, Jet Black Pool Coping, Kota Black Pool Coping, Kota Blue Pool Coping, Kota Brown Pool Coping, Lavender Pool Coping, Light Brown Pool Coping, Light Grey Pool Coping, Light Green Pool Coping, Mahogany Pool Coping, Mint Pool Coping, Modak Pool Coping, Oak Pool Coping, Paradiso Pool Coping, Rainbow Pool Coping, Raveena Pool Coping, Saga Pool Coping, Salt & Pepper Pool Coping, Silver Grey Pool Coping, Silver Gray Pool Coping, Silver Valley Pool Coping, Slate Gray Pool Coping, Slate Grey Pool Coping, Spring Pool Coping, Sunset Gold Pool Coping, Teakwood Pool Coping, Yellow Limestone Pool Coping, White Star Pool Coping, A Brown Wall Coping, Algonquin Brown Wall Coping, Amber Wall Coping, Ash Grey Wall Coping, Autumn Brown Wall Coping, B Brown Wall Coping, B Grey Wall Coping, Beige Wall Coping, Black Limestone Wall Coping, Bronze Wall Coping, Bronte Wall Coping, Buff Wall Coping, Brown Wall Coping, Brown Wave Wall Coping, Butterfly Wall Coping, Carbon Wall Coping, Charcoal Wall Coping, Cream Wall Coping, Dark Brown Wall Coping, Dark Gray Wall Coping, Dark Grey Wall Coping, Dove Wall Coping, Ebony Wall Coping, Fine Gray Wall Coping, Fine Grey Wall Coping, Flint Wall Coping, Fossil Wall Coping, Green Wall Coping, Gray Wall Coping, Grey Wall Coping, Imperial Black Wall Coping, Ivory Wall Coping, Jet Black Wall Coping, Kota Black Wall Coping, Kota Blue Wall Coping, Kota Brown Wall Coping, Lavender Wall Coping, Light Brown Wall Coping, Light Grey Wall Coping, Light Green Wall Coping, Mahogany Wall Coping, Mint Wall Coping, Modak Wall Coping, Oak Wall Coping, Paradiso Wall Coping, Rainbow Wall Coping, Raveena Wall Coping, Saga Wall Coping, Salt & Pepper Wall Coping, Silver Grey Wall Coping, Silver Gray Wall Coping, Silver Valley Wall Coping, Slate Gray Wall Coping, Slate Grey Wall Coping, Spring Wall Coping, Sunset Gold Wall Coping, Teakwood Wall Coping, Yellow Limestone Wall Coping, White Star Wall Coping, A Brown Flagstone Pavers, Algonquin Brown Flagstone Pavers, Amber Flagstone Pavers, Ash Grey Flagstone Pavers, Autumn Brown Flagstone Pavers, B Brown Flagstone Pavers, B Grey Flagstone Pavers, Beige Flagstone Pavers, Black Limestone Flagstone Pavers, Bronze Flagstone Pavers, Bronte Flagstone Pavers, Buff Flagstone Pavers, Brown Flagstone Pavers, Brown Wave Flagstone Pavers, Butterfly Flagstone Pavers, Carbon Flagstone Pavers, Charcoal Flagstone Pavers, Cream Flagstone Pavers, Dark Brown Flagstone Pavers, Dark Gray Flagstone Pavers, Dark Grey Flagstone Pavers, Dove Flagstone Pavers, Ebony Flagstone Pavers, Fine Gray Flagstone Pavers, Fine Grey Flagstone Pavers, Flint Flagstone Pavers, Fossil Flagstone Pavers, Green Flagstone Pavers, Gray Flagstone Pavers, Grey Flagstone Pavers, Imperial Black Flagstone Pavers, Ivory Flagstone Pavers, Jet Black Flagstone Pavers, Kota Black Flagstone Pavers, Kota Blue Flagstone Pavers, Kota Brown Flagstone Pavers, Lavender Flagstone Pavers, Light Brown Flagstone Pavers, Light Grey Flagstone Pavers, Light Green Flagstone Pavers, Mahogany Flagstone Pavers, Mint Flagstone Pavers, Modak Flagstone Pavers, Oak Flagstone Pavers, Paradiso Flagstone Pavers, Rainbow Flagstone Pavers, Raveena Flagstone Pavers, Saga Flagstone Pavers, Salt & Pepper Flagstone Pavers, Silver Grey Flagstone Pavers, Silver Gray Flagstone Pavers, Silver Valley Flagstone Pavers, Slate Gray Flagstone Pavers, Slate Grey Flagstone Pavers, Spring Flagstone Pavers, Sunset Gold Flagstone Pavers, Teakwood Flagstone Pavers, Yellow Limestone Flagstone Pavers, White Star Flagstone Pavers, A Brown Steps, Algonquin Brown Steps, Amber Steps, Ash Grey Steps, Autumn Brown Steps, B Brown Steps, B Grey Steps, Beige Steps, Black Limestone Steps, Bronze Steps, Bronte Steps, Buff Steps, Brown Steps, Brown Wave Steps, Butterfly Steps, Carbon Steps, Charcoal Steps, Cream Steps, Dark Brown Steps, Dark Gray Steps, Dark Grey Steps, Dove Steps, Ebony Steps, Fine Gray Steps, Fine Grey Steps, Flint Steps, Fossil Steps, Green Steps, Gray Steps, Grey Steps, Imperial Black Steps, Ivory Steps, Jet Black Steps, Kota Black Steps, Kota Blue Steps, Kota Brown Steps, Lavender Steps, Light Brown Steps, Light Grey Steps, Light Green Steps, Mahogany Steps, Mint Steps, Modak Steps, Oak Steps, Paradiso Steps, Rainbow Steps, Raveena Steps, Saga Steps, Salt & Pepper Steps, Silver Grey Steps, Silver Gray Steps, Silver Valley Steps, Slate Gray Steps, Slate Grey Steps, Spring Steps, Sunset Gold Steps, Teakwood Steps, Yellow Limestone Steps, White Star Steps, A Brown Veneers, Algonquin Brown Veneers, Amber Veneers, Ash Grey Veneers, Autumn Brown Veneers, B Brown Veneers, B Grey Veneers, Beige Veneers, Black Limestone Veneers, Bronze Veneers, Bronte Veneers, Buff Veneers, Brown Veneers, Brown Wave Veneers, Butterfly Veneers, Carbon Veneers, Charcoal Veneers, Cream Veneers, Dark Brown Veneers, Dark Gray Veneers, Dark Grey Veneers, Dove Veneers, Ebony Veneers, Fine Gray Veneers, Fine Grey Veneers, Flint Veneers, Fossil Veneers, Green Veneers, Gray Veneers, Grey Veneers, Imperial Black Veneers, Ivory Veneers, Jet Black Veneers, Kota Black Veneers, Kota Blue Veneers, Kota Brown Veneers, Lavender Veneers, Light Brown Veneers, Light Grey Veneers, Light Green Veneers, Mahogany Veneers, Mint Veneers, Modak Veneers, Oak Veneers, Paradiso Veneers, Rainbow Veneers, Raveena Veneers, Saga Veneers, Salt & Pepper Veneers, Silver Grey Veneers, Silver Gray Veneers, Silver Valley Veneers, Slate Gray Veneers, Slate Grey Veneers, Spring Veneers, Sunset Gold Veneers, Teakwood Veneers, Yellow Limestone Veneers, White Star Veneers.

We work with clients throughout Ontario, from Ottawa and Cornwall, to Sarnia, Windsor, Tecumesh, LaSalle, Lakeshore to Thunder Bay. We offer delivery to all Ontario cities including Weston, Schomberg, King City, Nobleton, Malton, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Orangeville, Erin, Thornhill, Ajax, Oshawa, Port Credit, Georgetown, Brampton, Bramalea, Etobicoke, Toronto, Willowdale, North York, Scarborough, Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, Richmond Hill, Markham, Unionville, Stratford, Oshawa, Whitby, Clarington, Acton, Erin, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, Brant, Brockville, Woodstock, Barrie, Carp, Innisfil, Midland including Tay and Penetanguishene, Orillia, Ramara, Leamington including Kingsville, Sudbury, Chatham, Kent, London, Kingston, Nepean, South Frontenac, Peterborough including Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield, Belleville, Cornwall, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Kawartha Lake, Muskoka, Norfolk, Timmins, Owen Sound, Buffalo, Michigan, New York, Detroit.

If you require natural stones or precast stone products, feel free to contact us.

Premium Quality Natural Stones - Fame, Prestige & Respect..





  • Beige Pool Coping

  • Bronze Pool Coping

  • Brown Pool Coping

  • Buff Pool Coping

  • Fossil Pool Coping

  • Grey Pool Coping

  • Imperial Black Pool Coping

  • Jet Black Pool Coping

  • Kota Black Pool Coping

  • Lavender Pool Coping

  • Silver Grey Pool Coping

  • Silver Valley Pool Coping

  • Slate Grey Pool Coping

  • White Mint Pool Coping


  • Beige Wall Coping

  • Bronze Wall Coping

  • Brown Wall Coping

  • Buff Wall Coping

  • Fossil Wall Coping

  • Grey Wall Coping

  • Imperial Black Wall Coping

  • Jet Black Wall Coping

  • Kota Black Wall Coping

  • Lavender Wall Coping

  • Silver Grey Wall Coping

  • Silver Valley Wall Coping

  • Slate Grey Wall Coping

  • White Mint Wall Coping


  • Jet Black Pier Caps

  • Kota Black Pillar Caps

  • Silver Grey Pier Caps


  • Kota Black Curbs

  • Silver Grey Curbs


  • Kota Black Slabs

  • Silver Grey Slabs


  • Brown Steps

  • Grey Steps

  • Jet Black Steps

  • Kota Black Steps

  • Silver Grey Steps

  • Silver Valley Steps

  • Slate Grey Steps

  • White Steps


  • Forest Brown Bench

  • Golden Buff Bench


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