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Zara Natural Stones carries a year round ready to ship stock of the following products at our Vaughan location.

Natural Stone Backsplash

Natural Stone Cobbles - Our cobbles are available in 2 sizes and shaped. 4" x 4" x 2", which is a square shaped cobble and 6" x 4" x 2" which is a rectangulare shaped cobble. The cobbles come with a mesh backing mat for quick easy installation.

Availablility - light grey cobbles, dark grey cobbles, jet black cobbles, kota black cobbles, ash grey cobbles, beige cobbles, fossil cobbles, jet black setts, kota black setts, ash grey setts, fossil setts. Ideal for driveways, garden edging, driveway edging, pathway edging, walkways.

Natural Stone Curbs

Natural Stone Jumbo Slabs - Our jambo slabs are available in various colors and sizes.

- Kota Black Jumbo Slabs: 24" x 48" x 2" thick, Natural Top, Natural Bottom, All Edges chisled to a rock face finish.

- Silver Grey Jumbo Slabs: 24" x 60" x 2" thick, 36" x 72" x 2" thick, Flamed Top, Sawn Bottom, All Edges Sawn to a square cut finish. 48" x 84" x 2" thick, Flamed Top, Sawn Bottom, All Edges chisled to a rock face finish.

Natural Stone Flagstone Pavers - Our paving stones are available in 4 standard sizes with an additional 2 optional sizes and 18 colours.

- Standard Sizes: 300mm x 600mm, 450mm x 600mm, 600mm x 600mm & 900mm x 600mm / approx. 1' x 2', 1.5' x 2', 2' x 2' & 3' x 2' or 12" x 24", 18" x 24", 24' x 24" & 36" x 24".

- Finish: Natural Top, Honed Top, Flamed Top, Sandblasted Top or Bush Hammered Top. Natural Bottom, Sawn Bottom or Calibrated Bottom. Square Cut Edges or Hand Cut Chisled Rock Face Finish. Tumbled Finish also available.

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Flagstone Pavers, Amber Flagstone Pavers, Ash Grey Flagstone Pavers, Autumn Brown Flagstone Pavers, Beige Flagstone Pavers, Blue Ice Flagstone Pavers, Bronte Flagstone Pavers, Bronze Flagstone Pavers, Brown Flagstone Pavers, Brown Wave Flagstone Pavers, Buff Flagstone Pavers, Charcoal Flagstone Pavers, Dove Flagstone Pavers, Ebony Flagstone Pavers, Flint Flagstone Pavers, Fossil Flagstone Pavers, Grey Flagstone Pavers, Imperial Black Flagstone Pavers, Imperial Black Tumbled Flagstone Pavers, Ivory Flagstone Pavers, Jet Black Flagstone Pavers, Kota Black Flagstone Pavers, Kota Blue Flagstone Pavers, Kota Brown Flagstone Pavers, Lavender Flagstone Pavers, Mahogany Flagstone Pavers, Modak Flagstone Pavers, Oak Flagstone Pavers, Paradiso Flagstone Pavers, Rainbow Flagstone Pavers, Raveena Flagstone Pavers, Saga Flagstone Pavers, Salt & Pepper Flagstone Pavers, Silver Grey Flagstone Pavers, Silver Valley Flagstone Pavers, Slate Grey Flagstone Pavers, Spring Flagstone Pavers, Sunset Gold Flagstone Pavers, Teakwood Flagstone Pavers, White Flagstone Pavers.

Natural Stone Ledgestones

Natural Stone Paving Stones

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Patio Paving Stones, Amber Patio Paving Stones, Ash Grey Patio Paving Stones, Autumn Brown Patio Paving Stones, Beige Patio Paving Stones, Blue Ice Patio Paving Stones, Bronte Patio Paving Stones, Bronze Patio Paving Stones, Brown Patio Paving Stones, Brown Wave Patio Paving Stones, Buff Patio Paving Stones, Charcoal Patio Paving Stones, Dove Patio Paving Stones, Ebony Patio Paving Stones, Flint Patio Paving Stones, Fossil Patio Paving Stones, Grey Patio Paving Stones, Imperial Black Patio Paving Stones, Imperial Black Tumbled Patio Paving Stones, Ivory Patio Paving Stones, Jet Black Patio Paving Stones, Kota Black Patio Paving Stones, Kota Blue Patio Paving Stones, Kota Brown Patio Paving Stones, Lavender Patio Paving Stones, Mahogany Patio Paving Stones, Modak Patio Paving Stones, Oak Patio Paving Stones, Paradiso Patio Paving Stones, Rainbow Patio Paving Stones, Raveena Patio Paving Stones, Saga Patio Paving Stones, Salt & Pepper Patio Paving Stones, Silver Grey Patio Paving Stones, Silver Valley Patio Paving Stones, Slate Grey Patio Paving Stones, Spring Patio Paving Stones, Sunset Gold Patio Paving Stones, Teakwood Patio Paving Stones, White Patio Paving Stones.

Natural Stone Pier Caps

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Pier Caps, Amber Pier Caps, Ash Grey Pier Caps, Autumn Brown Pier Caps, Beige Pier Caps, Blue Ice Pier Caps, Bronte Pier Caps, Bronze Pier Caps, Brown Pier Caps, Brown Wave Pier Caps, Buff Pier Caps, Charcoal Pier Caps, Dove Pier Caps, Ebony Pier Caps, Flint Pier Caps, Fossil Pier Caps, Grey Pier Caps, Imperial Black Pier Caps, Imperial Black Tumbled Pier Caps, Ivory Pier Caps, Jet Black Pier Caps, Kota Black Pier Caps, Kota Blue Pier Caps, Kota Brown Pier Caps, Lavender Pier Caps, Mahogany Pier Caps, Modak Pier Caps, Oak Pier Caps, Paradiso Pier Caps, Rainbow Pier Caps, Raveena Pier Caps, Saga Pier Caps, Salt & Pepper Pier Caps, Silver Grey Pier Caps, Silver Valley Pier Caps, Slate Grey Pier Caps, Spring Pier Caps, Sunset Gold Pier Caps, Teakwood Pier Caps, White Pier Caps.

Natural Stone Pool Capping

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Pool Capping, Amber Pool Capping, Ash Grey Pool Capping, Autumn Brown Pool Capping, Beige Pool Capping, Blue Ice Pool Capping, Bronte Pool Capping, Bronze Pool Capping, Brown Pool Capping, Brown Wave Pool Capping, Buff Pool Capping, Charcoal Pool Capping, Dove Pool Capping, Ebony Pool Capping, Flint Pool Capping, Fossil Pool Capping, Grey Pool Capping, Imperial Black Pool Capping, Imperial Black Tumbled Pool Capping, Ivory Pool Capping, Jet Black Pool Capping, Kota Black Pool Capping, Kota Blue Pool Capping, Kota Brown Pool Capping, Lavender Pool Capping, Mahogany Pool Capping, Modak Pool Capping, Oak Pool Capping, Paradiso Pool Capping, Rainbow Pool Capping, Raveena Pool Capping, Saga Pool Capping, Salt & Pepper Pool Capping, Silver Grey Pool Capping, Silver Valley Pool Capping, Slate Grey Pool Capping, Spring Pool Capping, Sunset Gold Pool Capping, Teakwood Pool Capping, White Pool Capping.

Natural Stone Pool Coping

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Pool Coping, Amber Pool Coping, Ash Grey Pool Coping, Autumn Brown Pool Coping, Beige Pool Coping, Blue Ice Pool Coping, Bronte Pool Coping, Bronze Pool Coping, Brown Pool Coping, Brown Wave Pool Coping, Buff Pool Coping, Charcoal Pool Coping, Dove Pool Coping, Ebony Pool Coping, Flint Pool Coping, Fossil Pool Coping, Grey Pool Coping, Imperial Black Pool Coping, Imperial Black Tumbled Pool Coping, Ivory Pool Coping, Jet Black Pool Coping, Kota Black Pool Coping, Kota Blue Pool Coping, Kota Brown Pool Coping, Lavender Pool Coping, Mahogany Pool Coping, Modak Pool Coping, Oak Pool Coping, Paradiso Pool Coping, Rainbow Pool Coping, Raveena Pool Coping, Saga Pool Coping, Salt & Pepper Pool Coping, Silver Grey Pool Coping, Silver Valley Pool Coping, Slate Grey Pool Coping, Spring Pool Coping, Sunset Gold Pool Coping, Teakwood Pool Coping, White Pool Coping.

Natural Stone Steps

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Natural Steps, Amber Natural Steps, Ash Grey Natural Steps, Autumn Brown Natural Steps, Beige Natural Steps, Blue Ice Natural Steps, Bronte Natural Steps, Bronze Natural Steps, Brown Natural Steps, Brown Wave Natural Steps, Buff Natural Steps, Charcoal Natural Steps, Dove Natural Steps, Ebony Natural Steps, Flint Natural Steps, Fossil Natural Steps, Grey Natural Steps, Imperial Black Natural Steps, Imperial Black Tumbled Natural Steps, Ivory Natural Steps, Jet Black Natural Steps, Kota Black Natural Steps, Kota Blue Natural Steps, Kota Brown Natural Steps, Lavender Natural Steps, Mahogany Natural Steps, Modak Natural Steps, Oak Natural Steps, Paradiso Natural Steps, Rainbow Natural Steps, Raveena Natural Steps, Saga Natural Steps, Salt & Pepper Natural Steps, Silver Grey Natural Steps, Silver Valley Natural Steps, Slate Grey Natural Steps, Spring Natural Steps, Sunset Gold Natural Steps, Teakwood Natural Steps, White Natural Steps.

Natural Stone Step Fillers

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Step Fillers, Amber Step Fillers, Ash Grey Step Fillers, Autumn Brown Step Fillers, Beige Step Fillers, Blue Ice Step Fillers, Bronte Step Fillers, Bronze Step Fillers, Brown Step Fillers, Brown Wave Step Fillers, Buff Step Fillers, Charcoal Step Fillers, Dove Step Fillers, Ebony Step Fillers, Flint Step Fillers, Fossil Step Fillers, Grey Step Fillers, Imperial Black Step Fillers, Imperial Black Tumbled Step Fillers, Ivory Step Fillers, Jet Black Step Fillers, Kota Black Step Fillers, Kota Blue Step Fillers, Kota Brown Step Fillers, Lavender Step Fillers, Mahogany Step Fillers, Modak Step Fillers, Oak Step Fillers, Paradiso Step Fillers, Rainbow Step Fillers, Raveena Step Fillers, Saga Step Fillers, Salt & Pepper Step Fillers, Silver Grey Step Fillers, Silver Valley Step Fillers, Slate Grey Step Fillers, Spring Step Fillers, Sunset Gold Step Fillers, Teakwood Step Fillers, White Step Fillers.

Natural Stone Tiles

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Natural Stone Tiles, Amber Natural Stone Tiles, Ash Grey Natural Stone Tiles, Autumn Brown Natural Stone Tiles, Beige Natural Stone Tiles, Blue Ice Natural Stone Tiles, Bronte Natural Stone Tiles, Bronze Natural Stone Tiles, Brown Natural Stone Tiles, Brown Wave Natural Stone Tiles, Buff Natural Stone Tiles, Charcoal Natural Stone Tiles, Dove Natural Stone Tiles, Ebony Natural Stone Tiles, Flint Natural Stone Tiles, Fossil Natural Stone Tiles, Grey Natural Stone Tiles, Imperial Black Natural Stone Tiles, Imperial Black Tumbled Natural Stone Tiles, Ivory Natural Stone Tiles, Jet Black Natural Stone Tiles, Kota Black Natural Stone Tiles, Kota Blue Natural Stone Tiles, Kota Brown Natural Stone Tiles, Lavender Natural Stone Tiles, Mahogany Natural Stone Tiles, Modak Natural Stone Tiles, Oak Natural Stone Tiles, Paradiso Natural Stone Tiles, Rainbow Natural Stone Tiles, Raveena Natural Stone Tiles, Saga Natural Stone Tiles, Salt & Pepper Natural Stone Tiles, Silver Grey Natural Stone Tiles, Silver Valley Natural Stone Tiles, Slate Grey Natural Stone Tiles, Spring Natural Stone Tiles, Sunset Gold Natural Stone Tiles, Teakwood Natural Stone Tiles, White Natural Stone Tiles.

Natural Stone Veneers - Our Veneers are available 10 different colors. 

Travertine Veneers imported from Turkey come in a 6" x 12" panel with 6 pcs of 2" x 6" indivdual bricks glued together. Quartz Veneers Imported from China come in a 6" x 24" panel with individual bricks glued together.

Availablility - Almond Veneers, Arizona Multi Veneers, Beachwood Light Veneers, Blackspring Charcoal Veneers, Carerra Veneers, Coco Veneers, Crema Veneers, Everest Grey Veneers, Forest Brown Veneers, Ivory Veneers, Noce Veneers, Picasso Veneers, Silver Veneers, Corners.

Natural Stone Wall Coping

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Wall Coping, Amber Wall Coping, Ash Grey Wall Coping, Autumn Brown Wall Coping, Beige Wall Coping, Blue Ice Wall Coping, Bronte Wall Coping, Bronze Wall Coping, Brown Wall Coping, Brown Wave Wall Coping, Buff Wall Coping, Charcoal Wall Coping, Dove Wall Coping, Ebony Wall Coping, Flint Wall Coping, Fossil Wall Coping, Grey Wall Coping, Imperial Black Wall Coping, Imperial Black Tumbled Wall Coping, Ivory Wall Coping, Jet Black Wall Coping, Kota Black Wall Coping, Kota Blue Wall Coping, Kota Brown Wall Coping, Lavender Wall Coping, Mahogany Wall Coping, Modak Wall Coping, Oak Wall Coping, Paradiso Wall Coping, Rainbow Wall Coping, Raveena Wall Coping, Saga Wall Coping, Salt & Pepper Wall Coping, Silver Grey Wall Coping, Silver Valley Wall Coping, Slate Grey Wall Coping, Spring Wall Coping, Sunset Gold Wall Coping, Teakwood Wall Coping, White Wall Coping.

Natural Stone Wall Capping

Availablility - Algonquin Brown Wall Capping, Amber Wall Capping, Ash Grey Wall Capping, Autumn Brown Wall Capping, Beige Wall Capping, Blue Ice Wall Capping, Bronte Wall Capping, Bronze Wall Capping, Brown Wall Capping, Brown Wave Wall Capping, Buff Wall Capping, Charcoal Wall Capping, Dove Wall Capping, Ebony Wall Capping, Flint Wall Capping, Fossil Wall Capping, Grey Wall Capping, Imperial Black Wall Capping, Imperial Black Tumbled Wall Capping, Ivory Wall Capping, Jet Black Wall Capping, Kota Black Wall Capping, Kota Blue Wall Capping, Kota Brown Wall Capping, Lavender Wall Capping, Mahogany Wall Capping, Modak Wall Capping, Oak Wall Capping, Paradiso Wall Capping, Rainbow Wall Capping, Raveena Wall Capping, Saga Wall Capping, Salt & Pepper Wall Capping, Silver Grey Wall Capping, Silver Valley Wall Capping, Slate Grey Wall Capping, Spring Wall Capping, Sunset Gold Wall Capping, Teakwood Wall Capping, White Wall Capping.

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