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Zara Cobblestone Pavers are one of the most traditional and oldest paving stones that are still popular and widely used. Cobblestone is actually a representative term and also referred to as Belgian Block or setts. In today’s commercial, residential, and public construction projects, cobblestone pavers still rank as among the most preferred natural paving stone materials. Many landscaping contractors and builders love and recommend cobblestone pavers as a paving solution. Zara Cobblestone Pavers are ideal for driveways, walkways, patios etc. It is important to note that there is actually more than one type stone which is used to make cobblestone pavers. Generally, granite is the most commonly used followed by sandstone, basalt, slate, limestone, porphyry, mesh etc.

Cobblestones are very tough, can last a lifetime, almost maintenance-free and require very little cleaning efforts. Cobblestone pavers create a vintage look with its classic key hole shape and clean repeating pattern. With Zara Cobbles, you to can recreate the old-world charm of your homes and buildings reminiscent of a quaint European countryside

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