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Black Tumbled Cobblestones

Dark Grey Granite Tumbled Cobbles

Zara Dark Grey Basalt Tumbled Cobble pre-glued on to a mesh backing. Pattern consists of square cubes and rectangular cubes. This cobblestones paver is largely used on driveways, walkways and pathways with an appealing classic look which makes these cobblestone pavers look very elegant.. Zara Cobbles have a high strength, durability and luster with naturally high end quality and feel for any project. Combining the ageless beauty of Zara Dark Grey Cobbles you will be able to transform your home in another time and place.

Bring a bit of this enchanting quality to your home with Zara Cobbles, a modular paving system that reduces the time and cost of installation, without sacrificing appearance.

Stone Type:     Basalt

Finish:              Natural Top Surface
                          Sawn Calibrated Bottom Surface

Format:            6" x 6"
                          3" x 6"
                          24" x 24" Mesh Mat

Thickness:      2"

Edges:             Machine Cut or Natural Split Hand Cut

Uses:               Exterior Flooring


Tolerance:       +/-2mm

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